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What is a legal advice center?

A legal advice center answers your questions on your rights and duties in different matters.

The Gennep Legal Advice Center helps you free of charge. If you are satisfied with our services, we will greatly appreciate it to hear that from you. If you like to, you could also donate a small amount of money to the Center, which will help us a lot! Most of our volunteers are students at different universities in the Netherlands, mainly at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

In case you are facing a legal issue, you can pay us a visit during one of our walk-in hours. Our volunteers will walk through the steps that might need to be taken. If necessary, they can assist you in writing letters or objections.

Whether you need a legal notice to be explained, a form to be filled in or a legal advice to be given, the Legal Advice Center is ready to help you.

The Gennep Legal Advice Center does not take over cases from anyone, which means we do not litigate in any possible way. Upon request, however, we can contact the other party to negotiate a solution without litigation. If there is no other way out, we could redirect you to attorneys-at-law specialized on the legal area of your issue.

What is a discrimination reporting center?

The Gennep Legal Advice Center has been a discrimination reporting center for the municipality of Gennep since 2010 and for the municipality of Mook en Middelaar since 2012. Should you ever be victim or witness of discrimination, please submit this case to a discrimination reporting center. Discrimination means a different treatment based on grounds of, for instance, race, religion, disability or sexual preference. This conduct is prohibited under Dutch law. The first article of the Dutch Constitution states that all persons in the Netherlands shall be treated equally in equal circumstances. Nevertheless, it could be hard to determine if there is a case of discrimination. Therefore, our volunteers will review the conduct for conflict with the Dutch Criminal Code and relevant case law. As soon as we conclude that a reported conduct should indeed be seen as discrimination, we get to work.

What will happen to my report?

Our volunteers will register your discrimination report. Registering these reports is important for the municipalities of Gennep and Mook en Middelaar to be able to get an overview of what is going on in their regions. Statistics could lead to discovering trends and signals, giving the municipalities the opportunity to undertake preventive actions.

Please report any case of discrimination to us or to the police, even if you think your report might not make any difference!

If you are a victim or a witness of discrimination, please file your report at our office during one of our walk-in hours or via our contact form. We will register your report and investigate the steps that could be taken to solve your issue.

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